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[pct-l] Posthole free Sierras

Postholing can be kept down by starting your day early. I would plan my days 
to end at the base of a major pass, then hit the pass at first light. By 
10.30 am or 11.00 the snow would soften, stop and rest. ( the 3 lb. MSR 
snowshoes would stop all postholing and have good teeth to climb )  At 4.00pm 
snow begins to harden, resume your hiking till dark. If you have a full moon, 
you can hike all night. ( no suncups, no postholing ) One down side is late 
May and early June snowstorms. ( these can make things interesting, 
avalanches are common after a late spring storm as new snow doesn't stick to 
the old stuff!!! ) Hang tight for the next 24 hours in a safe spot. This is 
no place for sneeker types, but for people familiar  with and comfortable in 
snow ,the PCT through the Sierras is hard to beat for beauty in late spring. 
( It adds to the adventure which is what the PCT is,not just monument 78!!! )
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