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Re: [pct-l] Water and the desert

We carried 6 quarts each, on  2 occasions-- but then, the PCT desert 
route was very different then, ('73) than it is now. We carried 4 
quarts each on Hat Creek Rim, and 2 places in Oregon-- one around 
Crater Lake; I don't remember the other-- maybe north of Santiam 
Pass?). Otherwise, 1 quart max.
But, then, everything we did then is currently considered by every 
expert on this list to be insane.

>Well since this is a pretty serious topic and there are a number of
>thru-hikers on this list. I'd like to know the max amount of water people
>actually carried through the desert. I'm currently designing a pack for the
>PCT and have no desire to carry and additional 20 pounds of water.
>Also what other strategies are available that will work in the desert (ie.
>night hiking, etc.) that will stretch out limited water supplies.
>In general I'm referring to starting the trail in the normal May time frame
>and not doing a midsummer jaunt through the desert.
>Ron "Fallingwater" Moak

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