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[pct-l] Water and the desert

Tom Writes >> No, actually I am responding based on thruhikers [more than 1
or 2, more
like 12-20] who have told me that they left with 2.5 gallons of water and
completely overloaded their suspension.<<

Well since this is a pretty serious topic and there are a number of
thru-hikers on this list. I'd like to know the max amount of water people
actually carried through the desert. I'm currently designing a pack for the
PCT and have no desire to carry and additional 20 pounds of water. 

I'm headed up to the Gathering in the morning so I'll ask around there also
and report back what people say.

Also what other strategies are available that will work in the desert (ie.
night hiking, etc.) that will stretch out limited water supplies. 

In general I'm referring to starting the trail in the normal May time frame
and not doing a midsummer jaunt through the desert.

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