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[pct-l] light weight packs, weather

     For the last 6 months I have been using a pack made by HumanNature
(nccn.net/~humanatr/).  The pack weighs 2.3 lbs and is the most comfortable
backpack I have ever worn.  It is large enough for a thru-hiker's gear and
about 4 days worth of food.  Add on side pockets to increase the capacity
for the longer legs between resupply.  The pack has two flexible suspension
stays in the back and a solid hip belt.  Craig at HumanNature loves doing
custom work and will make pretty much anything you want.  I don't work for
him;  I just happily
plug his gear :)

   Also,I just picked up a copy of the Y2K Farmer's Almanac.  Their long
range weather forecasts tend to be reasonably accurate.  This coming winter
looks like a slightly milder version of last winter.  In SoCal,
temperatures will be lower than average thru the winter and most of the
summer, as will  precipitation levels.  Watch out, however, for late spring
storms down south.  The Pacific Northwest will likely see temps much colder
than average from Feb. all the way through to Oct.  Snowfall is expected to
be at average or above average levels.  MNMMV  (Mother Nature's mileage may
vary!) Not much good news for thru-hikers, but as this year's class
discovered, if you plan to leave KM no sooner than June 15, you should miss
a good chunk of the snow.

Take care, Dave.

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