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[pct-l] Fwd: lightweight gear

Found this on the UltraRunning list, where they call ultra light weight backpacking "fastpacking." 

Thought you might get a kick out of this post
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Date:    Wed, 29 Sep 1999 21:57:14 -0700
From:    Buzz Burrell <buzz@DIAC.COM>
Subject: Re: Fastpack

Enough about bivy bags;  the ultimate piece of lightweight gear is
without a doubt ... the credit card.  Weighs about 1/6 oz.  Nothing even
comes close.  Here's a quick comparison, taken from last weekends
wonderfull circumnavigation of the Indian Peaks Wilderness (with an
overnight stop at Grand Lake, Colorado).

Old fashioned gear:
Bivy Sack - 1 lb
Sleeping Bag - 3 lbs
Food - 3 lbs
Cost - $400
Conditions - Freezing your butt off laying on the cold hard ground eating
crumbled cookies and squashed cheese, waiting for the sun to finally come

New and Improved fastpack equipment:
Mastercard - 1/6 oz
Cost - $70
Conditions - Laying in the soft bed of your motel room, watching Star
Trek reruns on cable TV, eating hot and juicy buffalo burgers and
swilling a cold microbrew, after a good 30 minute soak in the hot tub,
watching the moon rise through the pine trees over the lake.

I guess wisdom does come with age.

Buzz Burrell
Boulder, CO

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