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[pct-l] Re: 1999 pct guidebook updates

Hi, Tim--

I'm sorry to take so long, getting back to you-- I've been working a 
long string of nights, and I haven't turned on the computer.

No, we didn't do an update for 99, since it was just a year after the 
new edition, and there was very little of importance. We WILL do a 
Y2K supplement, and you will be able to get it on PCT-L, and the PCTA 
web site, when it is out, as well as a free hard-coy by writing to 
Wilderness Press in Berkeley. As always, any and all suggestions and 
additions are welcome-- send 'em to me, or WP directly.

Ben Schifrin
Wilderness Press

>hi ...
>   tried to access the pct-l archives to see if you updated the pct
>guidebooks [as in 1998], but couldn't get it to load.
>   did you do an update on the pct-l this spring, and if yes, what was the
>posting date?  do you plan on a 2000 pct-l [or mail] update for your guides?
>tim shaffer

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