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Re: [pct-l] plastic MSR snowshoes

At 02:37 PM 9/28/99 +0000, Tom Reynolds wrote:

>Is there a url on the snowshoes you mention? I want to try snowshoeing this
>winter in Yosemite and see if this is a real option.

No URL that I know of. 

The company is 
Ramer - Alpine Research,  
Boulder CO, 303-499-4466

For winter snowshoeing I would use a different type of shoe, and the footprint would depend on  the load I was carrying, the terrain and the snow conditions. 

Shoes like the Ramer or the MSR work best in late season after the snow has firmed up a bit. For winter travel I find skis much preferable to snowshoes, especially in the mountains.


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