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[pct-l] plastic MSR snowshoes

At 04:29 AM 9/28/99 +0000, reynolds@ilan.com wrote:

>What about these new, plastic MSR snowshoes.

The problem isn't really soft snow, it is sun cups.

Small snow shoes don't help much with sun cups. I used Ramer Assault snow shoes (the Marines use them in Bridgeport) that are similar in size to the MSRs (but lighter) and they didn't really help all that much. I can't think of anything that would help with sun cups.

>  However, the people I met in the Sierra last June were faced with
>4 miles of soft snow AFTER they ascended Forrester. Yuk! What would you do,
I just slid on my but down Forester almost all the way to Center Basin (just above Vidette Meadows.) The snow was soft and  if I walked it was post-hole to the hip. Once you straighten out the switchbacks I don't think that stretch is more than 2 miles. I had fun.


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