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[pct-l] Kennedy Meadows Late -Early

One advantage of leaving early in the Sierra's is the snow if you are equiped 
for it.You can slide downhill on the passes . ( with an ice axe ) Get up 
early while snow is still frozen and use strap on crampons to tackle the big 
Passes .  ( even Forester is a piece of cake!!! )  Post Holing  is no 
problem, creeks are still covered or small, bugs are few, and no sun cups 
yet. Even if you sprain something, you can take 2 weeks off and have time to 
still finish the PCT  in the same year with a layover. Early Sierra's may be 
a bit much for someone from Tennesse with little snow exp. ,but for the hiker 
who can deal with some snow, you'll have an uncrowded  trip of a lifetime. ( 
not a good idea if you are of the ultra-light school ) This isn't for 
everybody or if your into big group hiking for 2,600 miles, but there are 
some pluses.  P.S. So Raymond Jardine is now a anti-stove monger? Stoves are 
most useful with an early attempt (  a grave understandment ) Knees??? I am 
41 and have a replaced ACL and now use cheap garage sale ski poles to hike 
with. At 240 and 6ft., I can still hike and climb with no trouble. My knees 
feel great.
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