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[pct-l] Lightweight tents

1-person:  Nomad Lite is new, made/sold exclusively by Kurt Russell.  At 1.5 
lbs. this is the lightest tent in the world.  Single-wall.  It's been 
field-tested on the AT.  You can reach Kurt at 544 Redwood Ave., Myrtle Bch., 
SC  29577  ph (843) 232-9432 or http://wanderlustgear.com

(I just got mine and have yet to use it, but think I'm gonna love it. 1 
peculiarity about this tent is that its main support structure consists of 
two trekking poles, which you have to supply).

2 person (other models for more people):  The basic tent from Stephenson 
weighs 3 lbs. 2 oz.  Double-wall (4 season). This is a somewhat quirky 
company, and I haven't heard if they're on the internet;  free catolog 
(w/tenters depicted the natural way!)  

(I love this tent).

22 Hook Rd., Gilford, NH  03245

Happy Trails, Jon "Wanchor" Phipps   
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