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Re: [pct-l] Re: knee pain

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:With all due respect, I think your doctor's trinket of wisdom -
"we have
:only so many miles in our knees" - is not only discouraging, but
just plain
:wrong. Perhaps he has yet to hear that the human body was made
to move,
:up and down hills, and with a load on the back. Humans evolved
doing this
:sort of thing, and we are no different genetically.

Yes, but at the time that our knees were evolving to operate
well-enough throughout our life-span, our lives were generally

I do agree that the doc's little phrase seems to miss quite a few
points though. For example, while watching NFL football
yesterday, I saw a number of knees that most likely had their
lifetime number of steps reduced enormously in the space of about
one second. Knees forced to carry more than their share of weight
may take more wear-and-tear too. On the other hand, knees
conscientiously cared for (with reasonably careful use,
strengthening and stretching of surrounding muscles, etc.) may
last longer than expected.

And, finally, knees are, from one point of view, just tools for
the consciousness that they are helping locomote. While not
occasionally overusing them or putting them in some danger may
help them last longer -- what for? We all love the trail and some
wear-and-tear, and even some pain, may be worthwhile (but not
more than "makes sense"! -- i.e., reducing my "trail life"
(ability to hike) by a year or two at the far end may be okay --
reducing it by half, or eliminating it for the rest of my life
after one particular season, seems too much to pay).

(Reminds me of the joke: "Is it really true that vegetarians live
longer -- or does it just feel that way?)


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