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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #885

Two things:

Whether it was arriving at KM too early or leaving KM too early, it doesn't 
much matter now.  I just know that there was a lot of scary stuff on the 
trial when we passed through KM too early this year because of the cool 
spring and little snowmelt prior to our arrival at Forester Pass.  We 
couldn't have it the Sierra at a worse time:  raging, swollen river 
crossings, the hidden trail under six feet of snow, steep icy passes, 
frozen lakes... But other people made it through and were totally 
fine.  It's just that it must have been more difficult than if they had 
waited or started later or whatever.  BUT, that is just in my own 
opinion.  We left KM on June 8th this year (I believe); Jeff and Jeff left 
on June 3rd or earlier.  But, from MY experience, I say this:  you can't 
rush nature, but it will certainly scare the pants of you when it rushes 
you.  :)

As for corn pasta, DeBoles is a company that sells it directly (about 
$1/box for elbow style macaroni).  In Jardine's book you can find the 
number. We ate it almost everyday for lunch.  I must admit, it got tiring 
but we learned to spice it up with fresh broccoli or tuna when we got the 
chance to buy these supplemental items.  The texture really doesn't bother 
me, although Mike (aka "Scree") said that is was originally turned him 
off.  We both recognize, however, that trail food is for the trail....I 
don't think we would really get into eating it at home.  But heck, who 
knows?  Maybe if someone posts a good recipe on the net, we'll give it a 
shot for dinner one night...

Jen "Talus" Doebler, 1/2 of Team "On Fire"

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