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RE: [pct-l] Re: knee pain improvements using glyconutrients

It's been about 6 months since I have posted.  I hiked the PCT through
Washington state in 1997. I plan to thruhike in about 2-3 years.  This past
Monday (9/20) I met 7 thru-hikers just north of Snoqualamie Pass making a
mad dash for Canada before the weather turns.  I could feel their excitement
and joy that they were about to finish.

Aches and Pains:

I've been watching this thread regarding aches and pains from extended
hiking trips and aging and now want to jump in.

I believe that you can improve joint, tendon and muscle problems even after
years of damage.  One of the more important things you can do is take
dietary supplements that have been proven to prevent or reverse joint and
tissue damage in the body.

Right now, I'm reading a study done by Dr. Bob Ward, the head trainer of the
Dallas Cowboys for 14 years. He is now a research consultant with a
nutritional company called Mannatech that provides sports performance
products to athletes. Their products contain glyconutrients, or "super
carbohydrates", found in nature to help athletes improve endurance and
strength and recover quicker. Glyconutrients are a blend of eight known
carbohydrates essential for proper cell communication and ultimately cell
health. They support the immune system and the many system of the body to
communicate better.

The Study:

Dr. Ward did the study on the effects of glyconutrients on the quality of
life of former NFL Players. Football players are one of the worse groups of
athletes for having ruined bodies after their careers. In the study the
average length of time the players were in professional football was eight
years. The players reported one to 40 injuries while playing football
(median was 3). Over half said they had permanent injuries when leaving
football. Sixty-five percent reported at least one surgery relating to an

After three months of using glyconutrients, 35% reported a significant
improvement in the quality of their life relating to arthritis symptoms,
joint pains and stiffness. Pat Summerall, the announcer of the Super Bowl
with John Madden, says that he would not be playing golf today if it wasn't
for glyconutrients.


I hope that the above info contributes to the discussion.  Let me know
off-line if any of you desire a copy of this study or educational info about
glyconutrients and what they can do to support optimal health, improve
weight loss, or increase sports performance. This info is pretty amazing. I
use quite abit of this information in the work that I'm doing to fulfill my
long term mission of transforming health care in North America. I've talked
with several martial artists and triathletes who swear by the stuff, as well
as some people with some pretty funky diseases.

Now, let's get back to hiking the PCT.

-- David

David Bergquist - "Leading a transformation in health care"
Seattle, WA

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> If the joints are already shot, then I can understand going the surgery
> route, and banking on the doctor's advice. But its their passive attitude
> toward the patient's health maintenance that is troubling. (HMO?!)

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