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Re: [pct-l] Re: knee pain

>>I am 44 and 175lb on a 5'10" frame which helps, I have a friend that is 53,
250lbs on 6'6' frame and his knees are shot, he is just holding our for as long
as he can before  knee replacements

Owen K <<

With all due respect, I think your doctor's trinket of wisdom - "we have
only so many miles in our knees" - is not only discouraging, but just plain
wrong. Perhaps he has yet to hear that the human body was made to move,
up and down hills, and with a load on the back. Humans evolved doing this
sort of thing, and we are no different genetically. Our lifestyles are often
quite different today, but I don't think our capacity to maintain a healthy
body and mind have depreciated. Certainly we're not wear-dated, without
warranty, as many a well-meaning doctor may imply. I tend to think that
much of this "surgery as inevitability" talk has its basis in big money.
The body will break down, they say, and when it does we'll fix it for you$
Never mind preventive maintenance - no money for the repairman if the car
never sees the garage. 

If the joints are already shot, then I can understand going the surgery
route, and banking on the doctor's advice. But its their passive attitude
toward the patient's health maintenance that is troubling. (HMO?!)
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