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RE: [pct-l] corn pasta

I've seen it in health food stores.  Unlike many of the posters on this
list, I find it quite edible with a good sauce.  I can't quite imagine
eating it day after day after day after.... well, you get the idea.  The
stuff is bland but, to my taste, unobjectionable.

You can eat it with tomato sauce (which you can dehydrate), or even add
"instant refried beans," dried veggies, and spices for a "chili like" or a
"curry like" experience.

I mostly get out for weekends or, at most, a week.  Perhaps on a long
distance hike I'd find it as inedible as some others do.  I suspect, though,
that it is fine in moderation.

-- Jim

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Where do you get your corn pasta?  Do you make it?  Do you buy it?  I have
been unable to find it in any store around here.  You mention you have a
case of it?  If it's commercially available, I like to at least try some and
see how it tastes before I decide whether or not I want anything further to
do with it.


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> experience now.  ;)  And hey, I've got a yummmy case of corn pasta if

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