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Re: [pct-l] Leaving KM too early

I was on the trail at Sally Keys Lakes and heard first hand the trials of
many thruhikers who post holed through miles of snow in a "light" snow year
in the Southern Sierra. A couple of weeks later and the snow would have
been a challenge. but not a continuous ordeal [Three weeks later and the
snow would have been mere patchs] I believed then, as you experienced, that
the energy expended in this effort, would result in problems down the

I personally believe that the problem is "arriving at KM" too early. Once
you are at KM and are ready to go, waiting must be aweful. Your
conditioning begins to deteriorate and the urge to get back on the trail
must be overwhelming. I believe the solution is to skip the "party" at KM
and leave Route 178 at the right time to walk right through KM at the right
time, about two weeks later than the pack left.

The above logic was the reason  the support team set back the ADZPCTKO two
weeks from last year.

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