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[pct-l] RE: 2ndADZPCTKO

 I kinda favor Lake Morena Campground for it's proximity to the trailhead,
it's location right on the trail, and it's accommodations.  I think I recall
meeting thru-hikers who had heard nothing at all about our kickoff who just
happened to walk by.  I'm sure we would all welcome those folks again.  It's
easy to make the Morena/Monument run in what? 15 minutes?

 I helped 15 hikers in 9 different groups get from the airport/bus station
the monument this year.  I camped with three groups at the railroad museum,
and this year I would like to camp with some on day 2 or after.  The water
stashes are important, and this year I'll be able to take on some of that
work, now that I have found Scissors Crossing.

 I also like the idea of walking along with some of the hikers in various
parts of Section A.  The Monument to Morena Campground would seem to me to
be a great section for that.  The proposal to invite PCTA trail maintenance
crews is also a very good idea.

 In three years, the Kickoff, whatever its name, will be so big and such a
tradition it will need a Board of Directors.  At this point, I am wondering
if setting the 2000 date might be a little premature.  We need to know the
conditions determining the optimum start date, for which we have to wait a
while.  On the other hand, we need to have an early decision so we can get
the word out for maximum participation.  I had a very satisfying response to
my single post offering trailhead logistics assistance, which I posted on
January 10.  As it stands now, April 29 is fine with me and that date has my
vote, as does Lake Morena Campground

 Final thought.  I'm good for helping out, driving, stashing, etc, but I
the trail experience to make much of a meaningful impact on the important

 Hike on !!  Bob Riess at the trailhead in San Diego.

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