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[pct-l] Announcement: 2nd ADZPCTKO

The ADZPCTKO for 2000 is tentatively scheduled for April 29, 2000 at Lake
Morena Campground. The support team intends to spot water along Section A
the same as it was done last year.

I say tentatively because a heavy winter may cause the team to set back the
date of the event. Also, the campground rangers asked us to go through the
"event" process this year and who knows what will become of that?

ADZPCTKO stands for Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off, a mouthful in search of a
better name. The 1999 goal of the event was to facilitate 99 hopefuls to
start together from Mexico and hike together during the first few days of
the trail where illegial activity might  pose a danger. [I don't know of
any thruhiker who has been harmed by illegial activity. This is just a
precaution]. In addition the support team spotted water at Chariot Canyon
and Scissors Crossing and assisted the Sierra Club in spotting water midway
through the San Felipe Hills.

The party itself commenced Friday evening, built to an incredible dinner
Saturday evening supplied by Bob "at the trailhead" Reiss and culminated
Sunday morning with the world famous "Sendoff Breakfast" of Bob.

At the trailhead, transport was supplied from Lake Morena to the Monument
and to the road outside Campo. Also hikers were picked up at the road from
Hauser Creek Saturday afternoon. This gave several thruhikers the option of
slackpacking from the road to Lake Morena or of slackpacking from the
Monument to Hauser Creek, then walking out and being transported to Lake
Morena for the Saturday event, then transported back for the ascent of
Hauser Canyon.

Per agreement, donations will NOT be accepted from thru and section hikers.
This is to assure that no hiker on a tight budget will feel bad. Anyone
else who wants to be part of the team please sign up with Greg "Number 5"
Hummel {who used to be known as "Strider" during the Civil War}

List members may see this announcement several times during the next few
months as 2000 hopefuls join the list and ask about the ADZPCTKO.

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