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[pct-l] Good job!!!!!

Good job for 1999 thru-hikers!! ( esp. on a difficult year up North ) As far 
asYo-Yo hiking the trail, this falls under " Stunt Hiking " in my book. ( 
like crosscountry skiing the Sahara Desert, or  to do the PCT on your hands ) 
To each their own. A guy did make it back to the Sierras last year only to be 
snowed out in November after a successful South to North hike. One thing 
though, a thru-hike will change you forever. I take special pride in knowing 
I completed one of the first " Corn Pasta " free hikes of the PCT. This 
allows me a 25% discount on all gear at REI, Campmor and Walmart. ( joking )
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