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[pct-l] Re-introduction

Hi all,

Iím resuming the list after my successful PCT thruhuike, completed on Sept 
13.  Thanks to all who offered advice willingly or unwittingly.  It helped my 
planning and preparation immensely.

Did anyone else suffer from sore knees after his/her thruhike?  I can walk on 
flat ground but jogging and/or uphill or downhill walking is still too 
painful.  How long until the soreness goes away?

Iím deeply humbled by my PCT experience.  I donít see how anyone who reached 
Manning could feel otherwise. Everyday was a new challenge, every challenge a 
new solution.  Their were moments of both great joy and profound anxiety.  
Some days I felt like Superman in flight, other days I felt like Superman 
with a Kryptonite pack.  In the end, Iím eternally grateful for the great 
gift of life and for the love and support of family and friends.

As others did for me, Iíd be happy to answer questions/offer advice for 
future thruhikers.

Henry Shires 
Thruhiker Journal 
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