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RE: [pct-l] My first mesg

By nickname/alias I was speaking of the different people.  Such as 
Scott Williamson (AKA LetItBe).


At 4:15 PM -0700 9/23/99, Ronald Moak wrote:
>Yes that was the term that I read "yo-yo".  If one was to try doing a
>"yo-yo" the PCT, would be smart to start from the north or south end?
>Not that I would try this on my first try.
>To do a yo-yo you need to start in the South. The hiking season in the North
>is too short due to snow. You'd also need to be on a 3.5 month pace. That's
>3.5 months S-N then 3.5 months N-S. Or averaging 25 miles per day non stop.
>Where does one come up with these aliases or nicknames?
>Yo-Yo came from AT thu-hikers. It has been done a number of times on the AT.
>There is someone attempting to do a PCT-AT in 12 months thru-hike this
>summer. By doing the PCT first they stand a chance of finishing. It was
>unsuccessfully attempted several years ago.
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