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[pct-l] PCT Closure Notice - update 9/22/99

Willow Wildfire Area - PCT Closure Notice - update 9/22/99

In the wake of the Willow Wildfire that burned over 63,000 acres, about
half in San Bernardino NF, the Forest Service has closed approximately 28
miles of the PCT.  The closure extends from Road 3N14 west of Little Bear
Springs Camp on Holcomb Creek (map C-9) to Hwy 173 (southwest of Mojave
Forks Dam) at the Forest boundary (map C-13).  The closure will probably
remain in effect until next spring.  Unfortunately, there is no suitable
off-highway route to bypass the burn area.  Highways 38, 18, and 173 are
narrow winding two-lane roads with heavy commute traffic that are dangerous
to hikers and equestrians.

The Forest Service reports that trees in the vicinity of the trail are
still smoldering and pose a threat if they fall. Debris and slides on and
near the trail also put users at risk, especially stock.  All users are
requested to honor the closure for their own safety.

Hikers and equestrians now on the trail should contact the Big Bear Lake
Ranger Station  for current information. PCTA Area Coordinator Bill
McConnell may be able to arrange for transportation including stock
transport around the burn area. 

Audrey Scranton
Recreation Assistant
Mountaintop Ranger District
San Bernardino National Forest
IBM: ascranto/r5,sanbernardino
Internet: ascranto/r5_sanbernardino@fs.fed.us
phone: 909-866-3437, ext 3229

Bill  McConnell
PCTA Area Coordinator
P.O.  Box 49
Big Bear Lake, Ca  92315

PCTA anticipates having a volunteer crew to help with rehabilitation of the
PCT probably in April next year as soon as the snow clears.


J.L. (Pete) Fish
PCTA Regional Trail Coordinator
409 La Salle Ave.
Ventura, CA 93003
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