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Re: [pct-l] My first mesg

Well since you asked, I do have a few questions for you or anyone else
reading this message.

I have never done an overnight hiking trip but I have done plenty of full
day hikes.  So I figure to get in shape for the PCT I will need to get a
few 1-2 week or 3 day trips in.  Any good suggestions on where to go?  I
was thinking of doing something in the Yosemite/Tahoe area but I am not
limited to those areas.  I want to try to get in a few good hikes before
trying to the PCT.  I would hate to just dive in and completely ruin it
for myself.

Another thing is that I do not own much of the equipment.  So any
suggestions on the initial equipment to purchase would be great.  A good
thing is that I am have a job at REI so I have access to everything I
should need.  I recently purchased "The Pacific Crest Trail, Volume 1:
California" by Schaffer, Schifrin, Winnett and Jenkins.  Are there any
other books or resources I should get?  I have been reading a lot of
information from different web sites as well as PCT hiker's journals.
Here are just a couple of the web sites I have checked out so far:


Question about using a GPS on the PCT.  I read the 1996 thread on the PCTA
web site which kind of suggested against using them.  I was wondering if
anything has changed in the past three years that would help with the use
of a GPS unit on the PCT?  I currently have access to a Garmin GPS 45.  I
also have a couple (USA and SF Bay Area) of the Wildflower Production
Topo! CD-ROMS.  I will be getting the Yosemite CD-ROM soon.  I am talking
to a guy that works there to find out if they have a complete PCT course
already done which could be uploaded into any GPS.  He is looking into
that now.  So if anyone has one they would be willing to share that would
be great.

I want to thank everyone in advance and hope to get plenty of information

BTW - No I have never been to Mountain View Barbeque on 395.  Actually I
have never heard of it.

Well the lightning/thunder is starting up here in Mountain View again so I
better get off-line.

Talk to everyone later,

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