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Re: [pct-l] Introduction to Jamie and Ray

There is much about what Blisterfree says that I agree with. I skipped
about 350 miles this summer, the first part due to bad feet and not
wanting to get too far behind the crew, the second the section of desert
between Agua Dulce and Walker Pass. My intention was to hike from Mexico
to Canada in 4 months. That was a real viable goal for me given that I'm
not a big mileage person. My choice to skip the desert was based on feet
that were still not doing great and knowing that heat affected them -
and me - very adversely. I elected to skip the desert to ensure that I'd
be able to do the Sierras. Whether I'll go back to do the sections I
skipped, I don't know but certainly that is more logistically difficult
than hopping back on the trail where I left off, which I'll do next summer.

Doing the whole trail in 4 months requires mileage that is way more than
I'm capable of and rather than setting a goal I was sure I couldn't do,
I created one that was manageable, didn't plan on skipping sections and
made continuing on in another year pretty easy. Not all of us can or
want to do the kind of mileage necessary to complete the trail in 4
months. Doesn't mean that we don't love being out there for long periods
of time, nor does it mean we are inferior cuz we're not full on thru
hikers. I completed 600 miles of the trail this summer and loved it. I
will pick up where I left off with anticipation and joy.

I watched many people this summer go through a great deal of physical
and mental discomfort in an attempt to maintain a schedule that was
pushing their bodies harder than they were meant to go. I think that can
cause people to leave the trail faster than almost anything. I say honor
your body, start with reasonably short mileage - whatever that means for
you - and build up in a way that allows the journey to be pleasurable as
well as challenging. There is so much to wonder at on the trail, and
like Blisterfree, I believe it's the journey that really matters rather
than how far you get in 4 months. Create it so it's wonderful!

Namaste, Maggot

Margo Chisholm
The Freedom Coach
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"Trust yourself and you will know how to live."

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