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[pct-l] Introduction to Jamie and Ray

Greetings to you all out there!

I am a English fellow who has somehow managed to persuade his Dad to come
along and attempt the PCT in the new millennium.  Initially we aimed to do
the whole trail between April and September 1999 but, due me getting
married, joining a US company who are very demanding, my Dad needing to
continue teaching and concerns over our ability to complete the walk and
continue walking, we have now decided to have a 4 month stint covering the
entire length but "cheating" certain sections in order to achieve as much as
possible in the 4 month period.  Dad has been busily training for the trip
and runs/walks up and down the Pennine hills in Yorkshire (north of England)
daily whereas I am still planning my training regime!!

WE have the two guides produced on the trail covering Oregon & Washington
and California and pretty soon need to start discussing which sections we
want to omit and which sections we shall be attempting.

Hopefully over the coming months you guys over there will guide our planning
in the right direction so that when it gets to mid May next year and we're
standing on the Mexico/US border we set off in the right direction!!

Hope to hear any initial comments soon!

Jamie Riches
     Avon House, Kensington Village
     Avonmore Road
     London W14 8TS

     TEL: + 44 (0) 171 471 6112 (Direct) 
     TEL: +44 (0) 171 471 6100 (Switchboard) 
     Fax: +44 (0) 171 471 6101