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Re: [pct-l] bears and food

In a message dated 9/19/99 2:02:03 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
hikergrrl@cybergrrl.com writes:

<< I have a feeling that the victims are inexperienced weekenders, not 
serious backpackers. The fact that no one here seems to have had a problem 
tells me that the type of people who self-select onto this list are less 
likely to get their food swiped. >>

Although, they may not be list members, on the ferry to Vermillion Valley, 
two experienced parties told of stories told of having their food stolen near 
Mono Creek in the Lake Edison area.  One were thru-hikers and the other 
seasoned section hikers.  It sounded like a problem area, they both bear 
bagged, I stored my food in my usual manner.

New bear bag technique........

At Kennedy Meadows this year a new bear bagging technique was described that 
may save some of your food.  It's not tied off or counter balanced, a method 
the bears have seem to have overcome.  I'll try to describe it here.  Toss 
your rope over a good branch in the usual manner, tie your bag, just above 
your food bag, make a small loop, feed the other end of the rope through the 
loop and pull up you food bag, as high as you can reach, tie a small branch 
to the rope and lower the rope until the branch stops at the loop, let the 
end of the rope dangle, a bear will be ineffective in trying to pull the rope 
(has no hands).  When you want to retrieve your food pull on the rope, untie 
the branch and let your food fall.

I never did get around to using this method, but I have heard it works.


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