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Re: [pct-l] bears and food

reynolds@ilan.com wrote:

>I only know of three documented  instances:
[stuff  deleted]
>Does this give you a first hand account? 
>No, but you could be convected of
>murder on such evidence [if you weren't OJ ((: ]

In other words: No there are no list members who have had food swiped by bears.

I don't doubt that bears get food. What I wanted when I asked for first hand experiences from listers was an idea of who's food the bears get. 

I have a feeling that the victims are inexperienced weekenders, not serious backpackers. The fact that no one here seems to have had a problem tells me that the type of people who self-select onto this list are less likely to get their food swiped. I don't know if the number of subscribers and the demographics are sufficient to provide a statistically valid sample, but I think this hypothesis is worth considering.

Hiker Girl
in the city with two names twice

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