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Re: [pct-l] Food Storeage Bags

At 12:51 PM 9/19/99 -0500, david paulson wrote:
>I know this is off topic at the moment but -
>I've run out of bags for my Seal-a-Meal heat sealer and
>can't seem to find
>a replacement source either locally or on the net.  Anyone >out their know of a supplier?

Depending on the size I need, I have had great success with either sealing freezer zip lock bags, or for smaller stuff I really like baby bottle liners. They hold about 250 ml (8fl oz) and they seal up very nice. Good for making small portions. I pre-measure my drink mix, snacks, gorp, dried fruit, etcetera into individual servings. It really helps when trying to plan out meals for a long trip.

The only problem I've had is the Seal-a-Meal melting the bags too much. I got around this by using aluminum foil between the heating elements and the bags: I seal the bag, then peel off the foil after the plastic has cooled. I get much better results that way.

Hiker Girl
in the city with two names twice
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