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Re: [pct-l] How to Use a BakePacker

Just goes to show everyone has their tastes. A current thru-hiker I know 
is happy with his Esbits and though he eats a lot in town he probably 
would anyway. Simple boiled-type meals at dinner, PB&J (or other) 
sandwhich like things for other meals (bagels or torrtillas the latter 
certainly weigh less; the former are tastier); and other various and 
sundry things to flesh it out. 

For me on a short hike where I feel I have plenty of time I'd put more 
effort into cooking "fancier" meals at dinner. But, if I'm feeling 
pressed for time it is definitely the "boil type" which just are less 
work. And since I don't do hot breakfasts (sometimes hot chocolate or 
similar but always cold food) I don't feel the need to lots of variety in 
hot meals.

I find I can do enough with spices and such to liven up simple pasta. 
Now, if I were canoe/kayak-camping then I'd carry more elaborate things. 
But, this is about walking..;)

  ** Ken **

ps- I might try a BakePacker though in a week or so since that trip will 
be short days on a small island where I'll have the time. Wish I actually 
could spend a little less time there, but the ferry only runs Fridays & 
Sundays so it's either a very too short trip or a little bit longer (than 
I really want given the island and the fact that it's just me) trip. 

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