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Re: [pct-l] Stove choices

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From: Brick Robbins <brick@fastpack.com>

:After a 14 hour day of walking and enjoying nature, I
:REALLY don't want to putz around cooking. Boil water,
:let it soak and eat that's all I want to do.

As much as I defend anyone else's right to do all the cooking
they want while hiking in the backcountry, the only thing I cook
after carrying a backpack all day is water -- boil water, pour
into dehydrated food pouch, while waiting boil more water, make
and eat instant mashed potatoes in cup (yum! especially with
cheese!), eat food in cup, boil water, drink hot chocolate in
cup. Mmmmmm.....

Usually boil water for breakfast too (mix with instant oatmeal,
eat, mix with instant hot chocolate, drink).

I *love* food, love to cook at home (love even more to have some
other good cook cook for me!) but, on the trail? No way.

:I would not use a BakePacker.


:I do not simmer my food while backpacking.

Well, the water simmers briefly on its way to boiling...

:I do not carry heavy ready to eat food that is full of water.


:Oh....I don't eat corn pasta.

Ditto!! (But last time I brought Fritos!!)


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