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Re: [pct-l] Stove choices

At 09:27 PM 9/17/99 +0000, reynolds@ilan.com wrote:
>  In any
>hike the total weight, not the weight of any one component, is critical. It
>is very easy to carry an extra pound -- or five -- because of convience
>because your stove doesn't simmer.
>For all 2000 hopefuls, check out a BakePacker. You'll never eat corn pasta


You are once again assuming that your personal style of hiking is the gold 
standard. It is your preference and is no better or no worse that what 
anyone else does.

It seems to work for you, but I wouldn't use it, and I doubt that many 
thru-hikers would use it. After a 14 hour day of walking and enjoying 
nature, I REALLY don't want to putz around cooking. Boil water, let it soak 
and eat that's all I want to do. I might even pass on the "boil water" part 
if I have the opportunity to let the food soak long enough in my sealed 
bowl before I stop for my evening meal.

I  would not use a BakePacker.
I do not simmer my food while backpacking.
I do not carry heavy ready to eat food that is full of water.
I bet my eating setup, including food, stove, pots, cups etcetera, is half 
of what you carry per day, and 1/4 of what you carry per mile.

Oh....I don't eat corn pasta.

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