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Re: [pct-l] Re: white gas

Re: Have you compared the cost of the white gas one would use in 4 or 5
months of cooking compared
with the cost of butane canisters?


For me, cost is not the issue. I have lots of partially used butane
canisters that I simply throw out.

On the other hand, if you have a white gas stove that really simmers please
describe it on the list. The real weight savings is not what kind of stove
one uses, but rather, can one cook relatively complicated dinners using the
stove. My experience is that it takes a stove that is easy to operate and
will simmer to do this. If you can propose a white gasoline stove that
meets this criteria I am sure it will be of interest to many thruhikers and
section hikers.

As with weight, dollars spent needs to be measured in TOTAL dollars spent.
Someone who eats 100% corn past seems to me more likely to spend bookoo
dollars on food at a town stop whereas someone who has eaten hot chocolate
cake the past few nights may be less interested in that chocolate frosty
freeze. More importantly, basic rice, gravy mix, spaghetti and cake mix
cost less [and weigh less] than prepared dinners that are easier to
prepare. To put it simply: It is cheaper and lighter to cook 1/12 [a one
pound cake mix will yeild 12 1/4 cup cakes] of a Betty Crocker chocolate
cake mix to get your chocolate fix than it is to purchase and carry the
equivilent snickers bar. [Note: Please substitute your passion in the above

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