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[pct-l] Re: white gas


From my experience last year most thru-hikers still use white gas. Although
it is not so popular on this mail list, it still is the fuel of choice for
most of those I met on the trail. Finding white gas was no particular
problem anywhere along the trail last year. There was always either a store
that sold it by the ounce, other hikers willing to go in on a gallon and
share the cost, weekenders willing to sell or give you white gas in
campgrounds or at trailheads, and as a last resort we actually had to buy a
full gallon twice and leave the rest behind for other hikers.

I guess my question is what will you do when you arrive at a resupply point
and find that your box didn't arrive? (this happened at least once to
everyone I hiked with). You'll be out of fuel with no real prospects for
getting any.

Mark Dixon

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