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[pct-l] Stove choices

Howdy listers,
Things were probably different on my PCT attempt in '79.   I carried a
Svea and didn't have any problems in 3 months on the trail.  However,
subsequent Svea stoves haven't been as reliable.  My current Whisperlite
(pre shaker model) is a pain.  The thing is always clogging and yes I
filter my fuel.  One of the fuel lines developed a leak (a bad "o" ring)
and the whole stove caught on fire.  I had to toss the whole thing
quickly away and use my filtered water to put it out.  On the plus side,
I was able to repair it with the repair kit.  However, I'm now checking
out other stoves.  My cheap Scottish nature likes the tuna can alcohol
stove and being able to drink the fuel has a certain allure.  Since I
won't be completing the PCT anytime soon though, resupply is not as
important to me now as it was then.  Do they sell 151 rum at most
trailheads?  Maybe PCT'ers are a more self dependent group now.  I
always mooched my white gas.  The trail back then passed close to lots
of campgrounds. Whenever I encoutered a camper, I kept a dollar bill
handy and offered to buy some white gas.  The campers never took the
dollar and always gave me some gas.  I did the same when I saw
backpackers headed back to the trail head.   I think the only time I
bought a gallon was in Tahoe when I teamed up with several hikers to
split one.  If I was going to thru hike the trail now, I'd give serious
thought to one of the stoves that would burn unleaded gas along with
white gas.  The last issue of Motorcycle Consumer News rated stoves that
burn unleaded and found they worked pretty well.  (Unfortunately, the
issue is in my wife's car at the moment and I don't have it handy)  The
mooching possibilities are vastly expanded when unleaded is a choice.
I'd be willing to put up with some maintenance for the improved
         Jeff Jones
PS - The bear cannisters may stop bears but will they stop marauding
(mooching) PCT'ers in the dead of night?

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