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[pct-l] Stove Man

I love to yap on stove topics. I own over 20 old stoves now  ( though most 
are Swedish ) which are shined up on top of our piano. I,ve used all stoves 
in my day, but if doing the trail today, use what you want till you get to 
the snow. Once in the high country, leave the tablet and alcohol stoves at 
home and use at least a canister stove or liquid fuel stove. ( good insurance 
when your half hypothermic after walking in slush all day ) I used a Optimus 
8R which was and is still bombproof and has never failed me on my thru-hike. 
( you could kick it to Canada and it would still work )  PS I'm not a big fan 
or MSR stoves for thru-hiking as there are too many small parts,plastic and 
gaskets. ( though I use an old old 1973 MSR model 9 for 2 and 3 day climbs. 
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