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Re: [pct-l] Stove: Primus Titanium butane stove

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>I don't think thruhikers can use butane/propane stoves for the entire trip
>because of the fuel resupply problem as long as they use normal mail
>resupply routes. [Unless they are willing to break the law]

You don't need to break the law to mail butane/propane cartridges.  They can
be legally mailed if properly marked and sent ground only.  I am test
mailing two packages to southern CA from my home in WA.  One will go regular
mail, and the other will go ground only.  I will let every one know how much
longer the ground only package takes to reach its destination.  This will
help me to decide between butane/propane and Esbit for my thru-hike.  I have
already ruled out white gas because of the weight and hassle.

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