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Re: [pct-l] Stove: Primus Titanium butane stove


I don't think thruhikers can use butane/propane stoves for the entire trip
because of the fuel resupply problem as long as they use normal mail
resupply routes. [Unless they are willing to break the law] I believe that
this causes thruhikers to carry many extra pounds of food { and eat dull
uninteresting food] because their stove won't simmer.

However, propane/butane is relatively easy to get in Bishop/Mammoth/Kennedy
Meadows [hwy 108], Lake Alpine and Echo Lake. I would certainly use a
propane/butane fuel stove for that section. I don't know much about north
of that

However, If I was walking the PCT {damn unlikely} or and significant part
of it {very likely} I would have someone meet me to resupply. I would not
be screwing around hitchhiking or walking through town trying to figure out
where to get what. I would simply pay someone to provide my resupply bundle
where/when I met them.

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