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Re: [pct-l] other materials for bear-proof food storage?

:...the Wild Ideas canister....  Wild Ideas are two
aerospace engineers
:who are avid hikers and got this brainstorm about making a
lighter canister.
:They made 50 prototypes after doing some zoo testing.
:It had 150% the capacity of the newer Garcia for one pound
:This model was too big for me and only fit into my 4000 cu.
in. internal frame pack placed vertically.

Hmmm, I wonder if there's any material that is somewhat
flexible, that bears still couldn't get through... like
maybe Kevlar? (whatever it is bulletproof vest are made
from...)  I've never felt a bullet-proof vest, so I don't
know how flexible it really is... and I don't know if it's
really strong enough to keep a bear out. But it sure would
be advantageous to have a device that, unlike bear "cans" of
any type, would at least conform somewhat to the shape of a
backpack. Any ideas, anyone?


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