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Re: [pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #871

Slyinmd@aol.com wrote:

>What is the law anyway and where does it apply?  Are the BLM and California
>State Park laws the same as the NPS and USFS?  As I previously stated, the
>only restrictions I ever saw in California were between onion Valley and
>Kearsarge Pass.

That's true as far as I know too.... I think Glen Aulin in YNP highly
encourages cannister use but I don't know technically if they are REQUIRED
On the question of bears crashing tents, it happened to me at Flower Lake
in Onion Valley once about 6 yrs ago.  At dusk while putting my food into
the bearbox (since removed) a bear did visit my empty tent.  It did not
wreck it, but it clawed the door open and left muddy bear clawprints and
nostril-snot all over.  In the absence of anything to eat or even smell,
that bear for some reason or another did that.  I was ultra-careful with my
food, bagging all wrappers and utencils with the food in a rubberized bag
and not having it in the tent or allowing food to contact other gear in my
pack.  Onion Valley is of course the extreme example of bad bear
I can't say WHY that bear found my tent interesting; I can only say he did,
and that I was careful with food and cooking.  But it's not a stretch to
say that the bear probably had success in the past with crashing tents.

I guess it would be a more interesting story if I had been asleep in the
tent at the time....or if Yogi had decided it would be a comfortable place
to relax for a while.....:-)

Kevin Corcoran

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