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[pct-l] Trioxane

Unfortunately it's in no way harmless. The fumes are indeed toxic, just
like most all burnable fuels. I'm very chemically sensitive and don't'
do well around toxic stuff. Just took care to be upwind of my Esbit
whenever possible. The Trioxane also doesn't burn nearly as hot as the
Esbit tabs. It Trioxane) is also much cheaper.

Namaste, m

> Here is a question about the fuel tablets:  I'm assuming that my army
> surplus stove that burns tablets is the same as the esbit.  It uses tablets
> made of "compressed Trioxane"".  What the heck is that?  Does it do harm to
> a person's body to breathe the fumes?  I'd love to find out that it is
> harmless, but may be overly optimistic.

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