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RE: [pct-l] Iodine Tablets and Esbit Stoves

Tom writes: >> Has anyone calculated what the weight per meal of esbit fuel

Obviously it depends somewhat upon cooking style. However, I was able to get
by with a single tablet per meal. That comes in a .5 oz. If you have one hot
meal per day, that comes out to 3.5 oz per week or 7oz for two meals per

Unlike other propane/butane, esbit fuel tabs can be sent in the normal mail.
It's not very volatile and sometimes takes some work to get lit. 

Back on the topic of Iodine. The effectiveness of the treatment depends upon
both the temperature and the clarity of the water. Cloudy and cold water
requires more iodine or longer exposure to effectively treat it before
consumption. So some sort of pre-filtering should be available. Lightweight
coffee filters should work fine in most cases. 

Also you can purchase tablets that will remove the taste and color of iodine
from the water. Since the ones sold specifically for iodine treatment are
composed of citric acid, you can probably replace these with some vitamin C

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