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[pct-l] Willow Creek Fire PCT Closure

Although the Forest Service's assessment is not completed following the
fire this is a preliminary result. . Approximately.  13 or 14 miles of the
PCT appear to have been or will be impacted by the fire along Holcomb Creek
and Deep Creek drainages.  The bridges appear to be ok. 
The PCT is currently closed from approximately Little Bear Springs Trail
Camp (map C-9) to Mojave Forks Dam  (map C-13) as Suppression crews clear
burned and downed trees.  

We can expect problems with debris falling down onto the trail as well as
erosion in many areas over next winter.  When it reopens the trail the
Forest Service is considering temporarily using an alternate route to avoid
the major part of the burn by getting off the trail at Road 3N34, near
Splinters Cabin, and take that road to Hwy 173 following it past Rock Camp
and get back on the PCT where it crosses Hwy 173 just east of the forest

This is the only closure we are aware of.  The fires in the San Jacinto
Mtns. near Idyllwild reportedly did not reach the vicinity of the PCT. We
will pass along more information as it develops.


J.L. (Pete) Fish
PCTA Regional Trail Coordinator
409 La Salle Ave.
Ventura, CA 93003
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