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[pct-l] Planning for Peter

Hey Peter, here's  my view on your 3 questions. Being a climber at heart, I 
took an ice axe and strapon  crampons for the Sierras. (  Climbed Mt. Whitney 
on a side trip May 23 of a light snow year ) Still in a nomal snow year, you 
could have some wild passes till close to July. I like to get up early and 
hit the passes while they are still frozen. The crampons make quick work of 
the ice and you can fly right up, no wasted energy slipping or siding. With 
the ice axe, you can arrest a fall if needed and glusaide down the otherside 
with confidence. ( just my view ) Most climbers climb in the wee hours 
because its safer and easier on hard snow. As far an taking an altimitor, 
it's not needed but would be a fun toy. If you have it bring it. I like 
bringing a few toys myself ( maybe I'll get one of those new three-one 
watches for Christmas )    I would also skip on the bear canister for at 
least most of the trip. If worried, you could mail it to a drop just before 
some of the  " bear hot spots " then mail it home again.  This is just my 
view , though I know most people on this list totally agree with me most of 
the time. Ha Ha!!!  ( right!!! ) Good Luck Monte pct of 77
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