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Re: [pct-l] Bear Reinforcement

In a message dated 9/9/99 7:22:49 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
reynolds@ilan.com writes:

<< The bear didn't crash the tent but the cub came
 very close. Maybe next time the bear cub will be a little hungrier and a
 little bolder. Maybe last time the bear cub didn't get close enough for the
 camper to notice. Maybe the last time was you [not meant personally] and
 you didn't notice. >>

Then maybe some one that has no difficulty in storing food in their tent will 
think otherwise.  My true feeelings, any bear I've seen in the woods ran from 
me, why would they take any chance and rip my tent apart. Bear bag 
enthusiast, hang their food in the wind with a lot likely chance it will be 
found and stolen .  Bear cannister people, may not get their food stolen, but 
aren't going very far.

Tom, your're not thinking like a thru-hiker, you don't travel many miles at 
any one time, you pack a heavy load, you carry what you wish.  But long 
distance travelers pack and think differently, they "have to" live more with 
nature in order to reach theit goal.

You can always bail out.

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