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Re: [pct-l] Slow training

I am currently training to cross Oregon and Washington on the PCT.  While I try
to get into hills and mountains as much as I can, I find my timeframe and
location (Cleveland OH) to be somewhat incompatable.  For regular daily exercise
I put on a 45lb pack and hike to a swimming pool, about 2 miles, swim, and come
back.  I have found swimming to be an excellent way to get into shape for
climbning.  Not only do you build stamina, but you can add a little padding to
those shoulders.  I see exercise like eating, balance is the most important
aspect.  Anyway, swimming helps me tremendously, and for those who are extremely
out of shape (as I was just a few months ago), a regular swim can be a little
easier to get motivated for than a run.

Any buddy have any opinion on this?  should i keep up this routine, or am i
wasting my time?

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