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Re: [pct-l] Slow training

At 09:11 PM 9/8/99 -0700, John Vonhof wrote:
>So, to make a long story short, running will help, but running on hills will
>help more. And fast hiking, or simply hiking is just as good.

One important part of the body that running won't adequately train is the 
feet. The extra stress of weight on the back causes all sorts of foot 
problems that you just cant duplicate running.

Let me qualify that: I was a well trained runner when I left Campo, 
preparing for a 100 miler later in the summer (before my life changed and I 
decided to do the PCT). Though I was almost fit enough to run a 100 miler, 
by the time I got to Warner Springs on the PCT (110 miles in 4 days) my 
feet were sore and bruised, and by the time I got to Idyllwild I had killer 
blisters that I didn't really get over till Agua Dulce. My feet may have 
been in better shape from the running, but they weren't tough enough to 
deal with the stress that a pack was causing.

Unlike many of of the non-ultra-runners, my feet WERE tough enough for 
carrying a pack on the Marathon des Sables  (http://www.sandmarathon.com/ ) 
but there was only one day over 26 miles on that 140 mile trip. To see a 
photo of the worst foot blister I have ever seen visit this URL but do it 
on an empty stomach...


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