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[pct-l] PCT from Beldon to Burney Falls

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Notes on our hike from Aug 8 to Aug 22/1999. If this is the wrong place to post this information I am sorry.

	Mary K will deliver supply boxes to Beldon Resort (which is directly on the PCT) 
for a $5.00 donation. Give her a call when you get in. At the resort, the beer is cold and 
the food is good. Restaurant and bar are informal enough that you can drink and eat in 
your trail cloths. Both a Laundromat and hot showers are available across from the 
	The Calif. trail book states that even though the Beldon campground was 
destroyed by flood, it is still usable for PCT hikers. This is true but don't expect to get any 
sleep. A major RR track is about a block away with a screeching, thundering train going 
by about every 30 minutes. When a train is not going by a truck is on the highway just 
across the river from the campground. Ear plugs are essential.
	On the detour going North, the point where the Indian Creek trail crosses the PCT 
is poorly marked if marked at all. We crossed it without seeing it and ended up 
backtracking. Watch closely for foot tracks.
	On chart N1, the Indian Creek Trail is to the right of Indian creek and passes 
through the 'B' of the word 'Beldon', the 'L' of National, and the 'A' of Plumes, on N2  
below the word 'trail' and on N3 below the work 'Jeep'

	Retired couple in charge of the Warner Valley campground are especially nice. No 
permit and no charge for PCT hikers at Warner Valley campground. No charge for back 
country camping permit which is available from couple in charge of Warner Valley 
campground. Darkesbad resort has no hamburgers but they prepare a tasty sandwich 
called the hikers sandwich and the beer is cold.
	The PCT is very poorly marked through the park so pay close attention to the 
signs as to park destinations. This will keep you on the PCT. The trail through Lassen  is 
passable but poorly maintained.

Old Station:
	Our 30 dry miles from Old Station to Cassel was make less formidable by the offer 
of the proprietor of the Old Station store to deliver our water purchased there, to mile 109 
of the trail, about 2/3 of the way through the water less area.
	The hike from Hat Creek Rim to Cassel was very hard because of the heat and the 
rocks and cinders that made up the trail. I would not recommend running shoes through 
this area.
	At the PG&E campground in Cassel, we were allowed to camp free as PCT hikers.

Burney Falls:
	Burney Falls has a large, free PCT camping area. There is also a section in the 
regular camping area for backpackers with a fee of $3.00/person/night. Burney Falls has 
hot showers but no laundry facilities.

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