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Re: [pct-l] PCT hike

> I don't see any problem with having to finish sometime in the near future.
> As a matter of fact, it's something to look forward to.  After all, the day
> you "finish" is the day it's over.  No future in that!  Love your time out
> there.

I'm with Sly. Even when the original goal of "finishing" in a season,
clearly is not possible, the joy of the journey is still there as is the
anticipation of "finishing" at another time, in another year. And
"finishing" may not look like reaching Canada. It may just be about
being done. The goal is the excuse for being on the trail, but for me
it's each day of walking and people and scenery that creates the
experience. I didn't "finish" my established goal of reaching Oregon
this year, and that in no way has lessened the experience of the 600
miles I hiked. It only altered what it looked like.

To quote a friend of mine who was a mountain guide, "The summit is only
the excuse for being here."  I guess for me, that's what Oregon or
Canada or whatever is - the excuse to be on the trail. the joy happens
each day.

Just reread this, and I hope it doesn't sound preachy. Certainly not
meant to, only my experience :-). Part of the marvelous thing about the
PCT is that we each get to do it our own way.

Namaste, m

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