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[pct-l] Transport to ALDHA-W

Dear Ryan 
Please could you post the following to the PCT- L and the PCT- L digest, thank you
Mike Scawen
Hi folks I wrote some time ago requesting some help.  The original message follows. Is there anyone out there that can help or give advice please?
I write on behalf of Bruce Dunlavy aka Ishmael.  Ishmael is hiking the PCT at present and hopes to
arrive in BC about the end of September '99.  He intends to attend the ALDHA-W in Government Camp,
Oregon on 1st October.  Ishmael also intends to be at ALDHA on 8th October in Hanover, NH.  I am
looking for someone to offer him a lift from BC/WA to OR and if there is anyone else travelling east
to NH, a lift from OR to NH.  Ishmael lives in Boiling Springs PA and would be very pleased to offer
hospitality there.  He wants to share travel costs.
Please reply to me with any offers of help with your name, postal address, contact telephone number
and I will cordinate the link, Ishmael will then contact you directly from the trail.
Many thanks in advance.
Mike Scawen
Campo to Lone Pine '99 

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