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[pct-l] External vs Internal Frames

While Int. Frame packs are the rave in backing these days, they are not as 
durable or as field maintainable as the old Kelty,s and Jansport,s, etc. With 
the old Exter. frame packs, changing out an old hip belt or back band and 
shoulder straps is a 5 minute job. When a part of your pack is starting to 
wear thin, you can call the company and have it,s replacement part sent to 
the next food drop. Many old hiker,s still have that first backpack out in 
the gargage with thousands of miles on it. ( though it may be on it's 4th 
hipbelt and shoulder strap set, etc. ) With new internal packs, changing out 
a hip belt or a back band would require  a major sewing jobs. ( Or sending it 
back to the factory ) External,s are also cheaper to purchase, cooler in hot 
weather and are no brainer,s to load. I thought of this comparision after 
seeing a CDT thru-hiker's Gregory in total disrepair. It looked like he had 
been dragging it from the N.M. border!! Food for thought, don't sell external 
frames short when picking a pack for the PCT. They have been used on all 
major Mountains and trails for years and may just be more durable.
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